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Based on 19 customer reviews from our shopper community, Walmart’s overall rating is 4.68 out of 5 stars and 100% of reviewers recommend this brand. Detailed ratings are also provided below to help you learn more about this brand. 100% of reviewers consider Walmart overall a good value option, based on a rating of 5.0 from 2 votes. Most consumers are generally satisfied with Shipping & Delivery (4.50 / 2 reviews), Return Policy (5.0 / 2 reviews), Customer Service (5.0 / 2 reviews) and Price & Quality (5.0 / 2 reviews) Walmart offers.

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"We no longer order from Amazon"
We no longer order from Amazon. Our last two orders from Walmart were "multiple item" purchases. The competition is terrible at handling this type of on line order. Walmart has it nailed down. The orders had 4-8 items with most of the items coming from their seller/contractors. With in 24 hours you get a email notification providing you the status by item, "by seller" by "date of delivery" They also give you the original product description and price. if some items have not shipped, they show processing. Your credit card is charged as each item/seller ships. This makes reconciliation your credit card charges and order shipment much easier. I am sure this reduces CC dispute amounts. On return items you can go to your local store even though it was a on line purchase. BUT YOU MUST KEEP AND BRING THE ORDER DETAIL THAT SHOWS WHO THE SELLER WAS. With out that, you have a long wait and testy cashiers. They must look up and figure out who the seller for each return was or they cannot receive the return. BAD PROGRAMMING in their system. Order number should retain that information.

"Walmart gives you the best collection…"
Walmart gives you the best collection of products

"Hyper Tough Tools"
Love the price and the quality is excellent I build trailers and use hyper tough anything I can get

"Kids Tablet"
Good learning tablet for the money. My 5 year old grandson loves it. Parental controls are good and battery seems to last quite a while.

"if i could give walmart zero stars i…"
if i could give walmart zero stars i would they are the worst company to do business with. my orders are NEVER complate and they never return my money walmart still owns me over $50.00 on a food order that they told me they were out of stock but there app said other wise. i have gone to there with prescrptions and if they dont have all the drugs i get charge the full copayment i cant come back for the different later its all or none. i have a card the my insurance pays for otc and i tried to pick up 4 boxes of anti diarrhea medicine i always by do. i would encourged others to find another company to do their bussiness with and not walmart, i have asked for corp office to call me and never a returned to call.

"Toy and groceries are good"
I have been a customer for Walmart for a long time. Their price is unbeatable many times. One of the reliable stores in the US

"Awesome store"
I think its a great store, It's not as bad as what the bad reviews say, I don't even notice anything wrong with the place, every Walmart I've been to had nothing wrong at all. It's like Any normal store.

"First website I shopped on."
I have bought books on the website so far they come in new and with white pages instead of yellow ones. I also buy things at the store and can go pick them up myself. Though I would advise people to check and see what company they are buying stuff from as there are other companies on the website.

"Walmart is awesome"
Walmart is awesome. I love the great prices and fast service with excellent selection. The online service is also fast. The supercenter I go to is just outstanding. Depsite what some say there are higher end items if you want them. For example gelato ice cream and 93 and 95% lean beef. I just got a tent for my brother's kids it is awesome. One of the best shopping experiences and consistently good. Highly recommend.

"Truly the best, it's a necessity"
Anytime I need something, nomatter what the item is, Wal-Mart has it there for me. Don't know what I would do without it.

"Complexed feelings"
When I was young, it is my favorite place apart from amusement park (weird child) and to some extent Walmart witness my growing up. I used to shop with my granny and those were really cherish and joyful moment. Though on-site shopping is not the trends I still like walking and shopping in the very big supermarket, a recalling of my childhood. Customer service may not always good and to be honest, they do have to improve. Disappointed reminds me that I am also not always a perfect one. However, not satisfied. 

"Pick up order at Riverdale Ut."
This is a shout out to Jessi... Not only is this girl always kind, and cheerful, she comes and checks your name while on her way back in. And lets you know that she cares. Promptly tells me what was out of stock, or changed up and if i am okay with that...This past week she included a treat to go with the friendly service. In the uncertainty and darkness these days she is a bit of sunshine! Thank you!

"Love the Product even though it was slightly damaged."
I recently ordered a deep freezer online. I received the package a day earlier than expected. Due to the large size it was left in front of the building which is more of the UPS's fault than Walmart. I was able to get my package. I noticed that it had a few dents in it nothing major but I realized that this is a common occurrence with this particular product when it is purchased online. The product works perfectly and I decided to keep rather than return it because according to purchasers online who had returned it, the product still came back damaged sometimes worse. I think Walmart needs to work on how these products are being stored. I've worked in a warehouse and I'm aware of how easily products can be damaged especially if not stored or handled properly. The fact that the box had no visible damage makes me think it was damaged either at the factory or at the warehouse. It needs to be rectified especially for online consumers who have limited time and have no interest in having to actually go to the store to make an exchange or get a refund.

"I work at Walmart and is so sad went…"
I work at Walmart and is so sad went costumer don’t anderstand how hard we work to please everyone but went costumers give nasty day we cannot be better service our day is disgusting and people think that we don’t have feelings and have no respect for employees. It’s hard to work went they costumers have no apriciation for employees So please went you can to Walmart have respect for the associate we work hard for the happiness of u %costumers always right //////not true (respect for associate)💪🏻🙏🏻😇

"Mini Pies"
Must say these pies are the best store bought pies I've tasted. The crust like homemade. Stays together so can hold it . yummy. Good job Baker's!

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