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Based on 4 customer reviews from our shopper community, AbeBooks's overall rating is 5.0 out of 5 stars and 100% of reviewers recommend this brand, which indicates that most consumers are generally satisfied with their purchases.

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"I had a great experience with "Green…"
I had a great experience with "Green Shirt Textbooks" on Abe Books. I have used them for years when looking up hard to find books for customers in the past. This seller went above and beyond helping me quickly after I sent an email about my textbook code. My teacher had me worried that it wouldn't work since I didn't buy through the campus. $55 vs. $135. No brainer. I couldn't recommend a better textbook seller. Big Thanks

"Pleasantly surprised"
I ordered a video game guidebook for my son for Christmas. I even paid extra to make sure we rec'd by Christmas. After I ordered the item, I went online to see the reviews for Abe Books and was very concerned. I thought that maybe I had made a big mistake and spent money for an item i would not receive. Much to my surprise, my item arrived the day it was scheduled and the book was in great shape. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised and VERY happy with my purchas.

"Fast and effective"
Despite the no so good previous reviews, I took a chance with AbeBooks and had a great experience. I asked a question about a book, and received a clear answer in a couple of minutes. Besides, the book was in pretty good shape and it arrived in a week or less, a lot before than expected.

"Pleasantly surprised"
I checked reviews after purchasing a book on here from Pro Quo Books, and although their name as a reseller didn't appear, the many terrible reviews made me write my purchase off, never expecting to receive it.However, lo and behold, my book arrived today! Complete surprise, and the quality is basically as new, and hardback, which I didn't expect.For Pro Quo Books reseller under Abebooks, at least, you can completely trust them. It took forever to ship but that's coronavirus for you.Very happy as this book's not in my library nor easy to get elsewhere.

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