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"I brought an active wear bundle for my…"
I brought an active wear bundle for my better half and she loves it! Excellent quality and value for money.

"Very professional organization"
I feel I really put Seraphine through its paces and was not disappointed. I ordered a coat for my daughter but when it arrived she decided she needed a smaller size and would like a different colour. It was easy to return the coat, postage free, and I received a full refund. I'd used a 10% first time customer discount code and thought I'd have to pay full price for the replacement coat but found there was a 20% discount code on the website. The replacement coat arrived promptly. Seraphine clothes are excellent quality and the coat is warm and very smart. My daughter will be able to wear it long after she no longer has to carry grandson around.

"When I was first maternity shopping on-line, i ordered..."
When I was first maternity shopping on-line, i ordered from three maternity boutique websites. was the first order to arrive. The order also included many free samples and coupons for Mommy-type stuff. Bonus!However, at the end of the day, free stuff is good and fast shipping is great, but I'm a business-owner and first-time-mum-to-be, I need comfortable, stylish, versatile clothing appropriate for a corporate environment. delivered!When I was first showing (around end of month 3), I wore items from this site and for two months people were like... "You're pregnant?" the draping, quality, variety, and style really made it hard to tell. I'm 6 months now and there's now avoiding the fact that I'm carrying a little life in my midsection. But women in the workplace ask me all the time how i'm fitting in to "regular" clothing so far in to my pregnancy. That makes me smile.The fast shipping, quality construction and fabrics, stylish and versatile options, and a HUGE range of versatility really appeal to me. It's a tad more trendy than professional, but its WAY better than frumpy. And the casual stuff is really great for weekends. SOOOO much better than sweatpants and oversized tees that many women seem to wear when pregnant.For my level, this is a highly affordable site. Its also fun to read the advice and tips sections. I'm glad I found this website early in my pregnancy. Its enabled me to add some interest to my maternity wardrobe. HIGLY RECOMMENDED!

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