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Based on 11 customer reviews from our shopper community, Kohl’s's overall rating is 4.64 out of 5 stars and 100% of reviewers recommend this brand, which indicates that most consumers are generally satisfied with their purchases.

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"Fast Shipping"
fast shipping for Christmas, worked perfect

"Great Products with over $200 in…"
Great Products with over $200 in savings. While I browsed the discounted items, I found plenty of choices. I needed to go down a size and wanted to pay as little as possible in case I gain weight again. All six items were a need versus a want and they all worked while saving me $200 plus dollars from initial sales price. I will keep shopping at Kohls for quality and prices.

"Kohls Southtown is a decent kohls"
Kohls Southtown is a decent kohls. Good selection, location. The reason I'm writing is to share a wonderful experience. One of the best customer service experiences I've had in I don't know how long. A close friend of mine decided he wanted to go do a little shopping and went to Kohl's and bought a beautiful mens bracelet. It was gold and silver with diamond chips. It was on sale for 400.00 dollars which was great! We hung out that night and the next day my friend was short on cash and wanted to return the bracelet. Big problem though. He had lost the reciept, the cashier had kept the tags because he wore it out and he paid cash. We both thought no way will they take it back. We arrived and we went to the jewelry counter. The woman who sold him the item was working. He explained and she immediately started searching for the transaction. She was friendly and joked with us. She was unable to find the info so she sent us to customer service. Again I was ready to step in for my friend to help as he has very bad aniexty. The man who helped us contacted a lady who got a manager. Together these kind and efficient people located the trans action and printed us a copy of the receipt. All with smiles on their faces and very calm attitudes. I mean genuine. Not fake. These people took care of it all in about 10 minutes. With other people being helped in between. He got his money back and with a smile. I'm not a fan of giant corporations, so I'm guessing this wasn't from kohls training manual. This was a group of professional, genuine, efficient people that anyone would be proud to have on their team!! Way to go Kohl's!! U have a customer for life!!

"Very body that work 64th Indiana in…"
Very body that work 64th Indiana in Arvada staff store manger catie goes out way to help here costumer excellent costumer service the store ever all strive 5 thanks williambelich

"Good service as always!"
Good service as always!

"I took my handicapped Husband into the…"
I took my handicapped Husband into the store for shoes. I found the wheelchair easily. There is no basket on the chair to put items into. I had a hard time pushing him and trying to balance the shoes. We looked at other clothing items, but did not purchase them because we had no way of carrying them.

"It's a normal, familiar assortment."
It's a normal, familiar assortment.I'm fine with the fact that it's really cool to get what you need fast.

"Slow but Good"
It seemed that no one really hurried when seeing my order placed. Anyways I was quite satisfied with the products I got, but the delivery could be much faster. Thanks anyway!

"I just received the email regarding…"
I just received the email regarding temporary closure and what you are doing for the associates during that time. I’ve been I long time shopper of kohl’s and love just about everything about kohl’s! Kohl’s is amazing and what you did for your employees shows just how amazing you really are.

"Well I just have to say attaboy to…"
Well I just have to say attaboy to kohl's for using Male and female models with tattoos they are all beautiful.

"Understand how the Kohls Cash works, what in-store shopping is like on Black Friday, and more."
I have dealt with Kohls a lot since Black Friday and have several points to make. 1. I placed several orders online, which if combined right would have resulted in more Kohl's cash. So combine your purchases to maximize the Kohl's Cash. Received two Kohl's orders at my house from UPS or FEDEX, but the truck wasn't identified as either. You can track your online order and the last one said "delivered". Couldn't find that order and called customer service. While speaking to her, noticed that it said "mailbox" - so I ran outside and down the driveway with my cordless phone and voila! There it is in the mailbox. OK - my silly fault. Customer service was polite but if I have a general question, I prefer to call my local store.2. This is the only place I could find a decent selection of Black Hills Gold and with two discounts, the price was excellent. The Kohls Cash was a bonus. Downside would be if you need a ring sized, it is not included like it would be at a jeweler. You would have to take it to a jeweler to size it and that adds considerably to the cost. I ordered 3 different styles and ended up keeping an inexpensive silver one with gold embellishments. It fit and I liked it the best. Was able to "model" the rings for my husband (without dragging him "kicking and screaming" to the store), select one and return the others to the store easily. I like being able to "model" or compare purchases and ask the opinion of my husband or daughter in the comfort of my home. 3. Black Friday prices are excellent, depending on what you are purchasing, especially with the Kohl's Cash. Ordered online instead of fighting the crowds. However, I wanted to use the $10 Black Friday coupon and went to the store at 1:00 pm, when I expected the crowds to be gone. Wrong! The checkout line wrapped around to the rear of the store and I estimate it would have taken more than an hour in line. Crabby husband waiting in the car, so I gave my coupon to a random stranger, who appeared to be willing to brave the long checkout line. Second time I have tried Black Friday shopping at Kohl's, but think I finally learned my lesson. Was happy with my online bargains.4. Kohls Cash: Understand the rules before you calculate the final price. The Kohls Cash will be applied first and if there is a balance, any % discounts will be applied to the balance, not the other way around. Used my Kohls Cash to purchase a sweater and shoes for my Grandson. They were on sale and free with my Kohls Cash.5. For my online orders, I log into UPromise and then Kohls. This gives me an extra discount, which is paid as a separate rebate. UPromise gives discounts on a wide variety of companies, and it's pretty easy to work with. I selected to have them send me my earnings automatically, and they are automatically transferred to my checking account when the earnings reach $10.

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